Watch Spotlight: Ricochet XL by Mr Jones Watches

    Inspired by the world of the pinball arcade, Mr Jones Watches’ Ricochet XL is one of the latest additions to their ever-growing catalogue of playful and quirky timepieces. In this spotlight, we explore Ricochet XL, the larger sized version of the original released by Mr Jones Watches.


    As already mentioned, the watch is inspired by the world of the pinball arcade and was designed by Ryan Claytor for Mr Jones Watches. For the watch to achieve its desired effect, the individual colours in the design were printed one by one, and the metal foils were applied by hand, cleaned, and backed with varnish for protection.

    Talking about design, let’s address the elephant in the room — the size. At a substantial 45mm, this timepiece makes a bold statement on your wrist. While smaller watches have charm, there’s an undeniable allure to a more oversized timepiece that’s become more fashionable in the past decade. This watch isn’t for everyone, but those who appreciate Panerai timepieces’ grandeur or Rolex Deep Divers’ robustness.

    Another lovely detail is the strap, which measures 22 mm and is made from silver stainless steel. Its elegant aesthetic provides a pleasantly refreshing counterpoint to the dominant case.

    Wearing It

    Ricochet XL is not a quiet piece; its bear-esque size and prominent features make it stand out on the wrist. It is certainly not for the shy. In terms of wearing it with your daily wear, we recommend going with two contrasting styles: minimal or extravagant. Whether you want the timepiece to be the focal point of your eclectic outfit or blend in with it depends on your preference.


    The TY2709 automatic mechanical movement brings more thrills. It utilises the jump hour feature, meaning if you don’t look, you’ll miss it when the hour changes. It’s a wonderful feature that brings more delight and connection to the watch.

    Final thoughts

    Ricochet XL is undoubtedly a big watch. It doesn’t mess about. Priced at £695, it certainly puts it into the “I’ll pin this on my Pinterest” category, but what it gives joy-wise would make a great addition to novice watch collectors who enjoy the work Mr Jones Watches produces.

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