What Gucci is all about this Summer

    Gucci is all about …

    Print and Embroidery!!

    Gathering information from the Spring/Summer 2017 and the Cruise 2017 shows for both menswear and womenswear, I have put put together interesting images of prints and embroideries used on their fashion line. They use three themes for their print and embroidery. One of the key themes are animals especially tigers. Another key theme is floral. A more interesting themes is Donald Duck for menswear. Each outfit, print and embroidery is interesting and you can see why Gucci is the main inspiration for our designs this season.

    These are from the Spring/Summer 2017 runway


    As you can see from the prints on the womenswear collection the animal prints are larger in scale. It consists of animals and an insect we tend to see during the spring and summer season. The embroidery on the menswear collection are in a smaller scale and more displaced around the suit, as well as the shoes. The embroidery is of a traditional dragon varying in sizes.

    The Tiger

    Similarly the embellishments of the tiger are on a much larger scale, almost covering the whole skirt of the dress. The embellishments cover around the back as well. This particular outfit in the menswear collection is much more minimalist with the small embroidery of the tiger. The only aesthetic design of an animal.


    The floral prints and embroidery on both collections cover most if not all the fabric on the outfits. Both also have large embroidery on the garments. The colours do really pop out for the dress. Where as the suit is a little more subdue in comparison. But I love the styling of the outfit.

    Plants (Womenswear)

    This print is more specific to womenswear. Both images use the coat with the print as a center piece. I love how both outfits are styled, both are just as eye catching as each other only one is eye catching as the colour is vibrant where as the other has a lot of prints and block colours going on.

    Donald Duck (Menswear)

    I thought this was an interesting theme to use but it is very well executed. The colours and mixtures of embroidery is what made the design really work. It’s more interesting than just Donald Duck on its own. Both use floral and fish designs for embroidery. I do like the variation of sizes and the displacement of the design around the coat and robe.

    These are from the Cruise 2017 runway


    Just as we have seen with all the womenswear collection the designs of the prints and embroideries have been on a large scale. The two dogs pretty much almost covers the front of the jacket. I love the colours that have been used in that outfit. As we can see from the menswear outfit the dogs are smaller and they have been embroidered on a floral print bomber jacket. I think the whole outfit looks fun, which is what the summer is about.


    This is also another key animal that Gucci like to use on garments as well as accessories and shoes like the Ace Embroidered Sneakers which is £640. I like how the snake is in one area on the dress, it’s different from the rest of the outfits in the womenswear collection. I love the accessory in the menswear collection. The whole look is minimalist but it also gives the eye something to pinpoint and look at.

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