Odd sculptures by Erika Sanada

    Erika Sanada is a sculptor that creates delicate ceramic sculptures of animals, a series she calls “Odd Things.”

    Her work is beautiful yet eerie. The juxtaposition between the cute, innocent, little animals and their creepy expressions and extra body parts work as a dark twist to what would otherwise be a sweet take on the subject and adds a spice of darkness and intrigue to her work.

    Fighting Spirit

    Ceramic, glaze 8″ x 15″ x 6″ 2015


    Ceramic, glaze 21″ x 4″ x 6″ 2013

    Shout                                                            Big Mouth

    Ceramic, glaze 8″ x 7″ x 6″ 2014
    Ceramic, cold finish 11″ x 5″ x 9″ 2017










    On The Nose

    Ceramic, cold finish, mix media 10″ x 18.5″ x 5.5″ 2016
    Klaudijus Mankus
    Klaudijus Mankus
    Artist and Blogger I am intrigued by design and the aesthetics within art. I am on a journey of constant exploration and refinement. Currently obsessed with tigers and cornflowers.

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