Sound Selection 023

Once again Sound Selection is here, and this time we are back once again with a splendid selection of music to fill your playlists.

James Chatburn ‘Fire’

First to enter our Sound Selection is the terrific James Chatburn with his smooth and emotionally vibrant single ‘Fire’. This single is a stunning showcase of the talent that James possesses as an artist, proving to us that he has great composure and heart-touching vocals that emerge his listeners into his music straight away.

Swan Pool ‘Breathe In’

Another stunning song to enter our Sound Selection is ‘Breathe In’ by Swan Pool. With this single Swan Pool bring us a wave of fresh air with a truly magnificent song that draws you in with its great structure and powerful dynamics. Terrific work.

obylx ‘lift’

Shifting our waves to the electronic music of this world, we have obylx with ‘lift’. This single is perfect for those that are looking for something with raw and lively feel. Tremendous work by a very well rounded and solid artist.

CLANN ‘Dark Angel’

Furthermore, we have another stunning electronic single that works well with its deep elements and strong structure. ‘Dark Angel’ by the exciting and mysterious CLANN is a single that evolves the sounds of downtempo and low-pitch vocals into a sensational and enigmatic journey. Excellent work.

Car Seat Headrest ‘Nervous Young Inhumans’

Next song to enter our Sound Selection is by the phenomenal Car Seat Headrest. With many of you familiar with this band’s sound there is not much to say about this single except that it is simply majestic with its The Killers like energy.

Takykardia ‘Navigate’

Another fantastic song to enter our selection is ‘Navigate’ by the wonderful and simply magical Takykardia, who presents us with an upsurge of smooth and delicate vocals that will keep you attached with its secretive and romantic like vibe for weeks and months to come.

Darja ‘How To Love’

The final song to enter this Sound Selection is by truly pop-star level Darja, who gifts us her strikingly sharp and commercially loved and relevant vocals in her latest single ‘How To Love’. This single is picture-perfect for those that love a great commercial song with a strong sense of liveliness.


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