Sound Selection 026

    We are back with Sound Selection, once again sharing fantastic music from around the globe.

    brtrnd ‘frozen’

    The first track to enter our Sound Selection is ‘frozen’ by the wonderful brtrnd who combines raw Deep House elements with a flurry of powerful drum patterns that join to make an exhilarating track. This track comes from the ‘laundry room’ EP by brtrnd.

    Verskotzi ‘SEND ME THRU’

    Secondly, we have a shift in gear with a Downtempo song by Verskotzi that combines smooth and mysterious-like vocals with a production that shouts emotion. Terrific work for a debut single by a genuinely promising artist.

    DENM ‘Square One’

    ‘Square One’ by the tremendous DENM hits all the right notes with its dynamic and energetic vivacity. A gift for those that like something a little different.

    Anastasia Max ‘Get Away’

    Sibling duo Anastasia Max are back and this time with another powerful and full of oomph song ‘Get Away’. If you are looking for raw and authentic energy, this one will be for you.

    WOWH ‘The Hits’

    Shifting to Indie Pop, we have ‘The Hits’ by the splendid WOWH. The song leads with a simple yet lively vocal and furthermore with a beat that will keep you dancing for days and weeks to come.

    Haulm ‘Stay For Me’

    Another great single to enter our Sound Selection is by Haulm, who present us a perfect soft downtempo single for those calm and reflecting moments. A song we fell in love straight away.

    Flight Facilities ‘Need You’ feat. NÏKA

    Coming back with more great music are Flight Facilities, this time with ‘Need You’. A single that uses the classic house elements and funky bass to deliver us an enjoyable and dance-driven single.

    MIRAMIS ‘Suppressing Me’

    Moreover, we have ‘Suppressing Me’ by MIRAMIS, who takes us on a journey with his commercially driven song. ‘Suppressing Me’ is the perfect song for your weekend playlists, a must listen for sure.

    Pluto Grove ‘Trouble’

    The final song to enter this Sound Selection is by an exciting duo Pluto Grove who present us their single ‘Trouble’, an ambient song that drives on its haunting atmosphere and poignant-like vocals. A gift for the soul.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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