Sound Selection 032

32nd edition of Sound Selection is here.

Naji ‘Forget About It’ feat. Insightful

The first song to enter this edition of Sound Selection is by Naji featuring Insightful who present us with ‘Forget About It’. In his latest single ‘Forget About It’, Naji explores dynamic soul-driven vocals with full of life catchy beats. With this terrific single released, we are sure to hear more great things from Naji in the months to come as he looks to grow on his already presence made career.

Meg Blumberg ‘Happenstance’

Now, who cut the onions? Presenting us with a deeply emotional and simply stunning Up-like composition is Meg Blumberg who gifts us her latest project, ‘Happenstance’. With this latest composition, Blumberg explores emotional themes of joy and delight with true authenticity and pleasantness and marks herself as the name to follow in the world of music.


The household name that has become KLANGPLANET is back and this time with another groovy and well-fitting song for the summer named, ‘Tropical’. In this song, Klangplanet beautifully combines brass and string elements with the core elements of Deep House to make this song, one for the playlists.

ManiezzL ‘Barracuda’

Bringing us more fantastic House music is ManiezzL who gives us ‘Barracuda’ which utilises jaw-opening synths and dynamics that we can only describe as awe-inspiring. With this splendid and well-produced song released, we are sure to keep ManiezzL on our radar as he looks to become the next big name in the sphere of electronic music.

Lyves ‘Still’

Another top-level song to enter on our Sound Selection is ‘Still’ by the wonderful, Lyves. In her latest single, the highly gifted and billboard-made artist, Lyves showcases a range of stunning and comfortable vocals that makes this song, one for the playlists.

Ryder Havdale ‘Good Girls’

Entering Sound Selection with a dance-driven vibe and catchy bass that takes you in upon the first note, we have ‘Good Girls’ by Ryder Havdale. In this single, Havdale develops a strong structure and an addicting melody that becomes the cornerstone of the song. It is without a doubt that this song is a great addition to any playlist looking for a striking and electrifying dance song that explores the sounds of Deep House beneath the expectations of the genre.

Fever Feel ‘Somewhere Down The Line’

The final song to enter on this edition of Sound Selection is by Fever Feel who presents us a catchy and funky song named, ‘Somewhere Down The Line’. This is a perfect song to end this Sound Selection as it utilises positively driven themes that are supported by terrific vocals and splendid production that marks this song as a great addition to any playlist.


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