New Year’s Eve: Fashion With a Theme

    New Year’s Even often has a lot of potential, yet it sometimes feels us feeling a little let down. Parties can be a little bland or perhaps blase – so this year, why not make it a themed one? There are an array of themes which have a touch of both class and elegance, so you don’t have to worry about coming off tacky or crass. Here are a few ideas, and crucially, some tips of what to wear to each event.

    All White Clothing

    There’s nothing more classic than a party with all-white attire and decor. There’s something beautiful about it, and there are so many incredible choices when it comes to attire. White clothing is often somewhat unforgiving, and so tight styles may not be the best choice unless you are entirely confident. White clothing carries plenty of symbolism and it’s representative of the hopes for a fresh start in the New Year, so make the right fashion choices, and start as you mean to go on.

    Whatever the activities are that you plan for this party, remember to be careful with your choices of food and drink. The last thing anyone needs is a red wine stain all over their new dress…

    Games of Chance

    Is there anything better than a classic casino style party? Black tie compulsory, of course! Ladies, your evening gowns need to come out at this point. While many of the Vegas casinos these days have a much more relaxed attitude to dress codes, because most people there are on vacation, we love the old style of years gone by. People really made an effort, and it was all about glitz and glam. You really can’t go wrong with a maxi dress in black, complete with delicate jewelry. Timeless!

    If you want to get your guests really into the casino mood, then you can access a multitude of casino games such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette online. Alternatively, you could set up a casino table at the party space, depending on your budget. Card games are easy to do, but you’ll have to

    Through The Decades

    As a new year storms full speed ahead, it can be a fun time to look at decades past. There’s plenty of inspiration out there, so whether your party is focused on one decade in particular or a broad range across the board, there are plenty of ways you can “wow” the crowds. If you’re really searching for elegance, a roaring 20s style party a la The Great Gatsby. Here, you can really have some fun. Vintage dresses from this era are just incredible – think fringes and sequins, alongside lavish accessories and necklaces.

    When it comes to the atmosphere for this one, it’s all about making sure the music is on-point. Can’t afford a DJ? Thank goodness for Spotify! There’s some really fun music from every period of the last Century, you just have to find the right playlists.

    No matter what kind of event you plan to host or attend this New Year’s Eve, just be sure it’s a night to remember – and one you’ll want to remember when you look back on it.

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