Wilding Releases ‘Swipe Right’

    Wilding, a gifted Pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, has unveiled his latest single ‘Swipe Right’ — just today. The song focuses on the theme of online dating, and features a catchy production with the prominently vibrant euphonious vocals of Wilding that get you hoooked from the get-go.

    Talking about the meaning of the song Wilding stated: “It’s about finding human connection through online dating apps. And failing miserably… I’ve got nothing against the apps, but I noticed so many of my friends putting all of their personal happiness on the swipe of a thumb across a screen. It’s bizarre that such a momentary decision, so
    disconnected from the real world, can have such an impact on your future.”

    ‘Swipe Right’ can be streamed via Spotify.

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