Kynance by Tom Leighton

    Tom Leighton, a talented photographer out of London, U.K, has unveiled an eye-pleasing series named Kynance. In this series, Leighton mixes vibrant colour with the stunning layers of the earth’s crust to create quite the image that combines nature and photo manipulation.

    Writing about the series Leighton stated: “Kynance Cove was driven from the earth’s crust hundreds of millions of years ago. Created from a sequence of eruptions, the stacked cliffs and caves and tunnels of Kynance are an unusually dramatic testament to geological power: layer upon layer of once molten crust and magma hurled though moving plates upwards to the surface of the earth. Rare also is some of the rock found in these structures, made up of the minerals thrown from the magma chambers – and exposed in places as a reptilian multi-coloured, scaly sheen which may give it the name Serpentine. The series of colour manipulated works are intended as a tribute to a sense of energy and intense beauty which you can experience in the cove even on the dullest day.”

    Kynance by Tom Leighton

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