First Posthumous Ennio Morricone Album Featuring Unreleased Songs Announced

A posthumous Ennio Morricone album has been announced. The 27-track collection will feature unreleased music from the composer, who died this year at the age of 91. Titled Morricone Segreto, it comes out November 6 (via CAM Sugar/Decca), which would have been the Maestro’s 92nd birthday. Watch the trailer for the album below.

The album’s artwork, which you can also find below alongside the tracklist, describes the music as “the hidden dark-tinged and psychedelic side of the Maestro.” Seven of the album’s songs, recorded between the 1960s and ’80s, are previously unreleased.

In an interview with Variety, Morricone Segreto curator Pierpaolo De Sanctis said that the album is meant to be an experimental departure from Morricone’s most well-known work. “I am talking about electronic music, hip hop, alternative rock,” he said. “The idea was to go look at why Morricone today is still considered so hip in music circles that are very far-removed from the world of film soundtracks.”

Morricone Segreto Cover Artwork:

Morricone Segreto Tracklist:
1. “Vie-Ni” (alt. take) – QUANDO L’AMORE Ė SENSUALITÀ – 1973
2. “Fantasmi Grotteschi” (edit) – STARK SYSTEM – 1980
3. “Vita e Malavita” – STORIE DI VITA E MALAVITA – 1975
4. “Tette e Antenne, Tetti e Gonne” – LA SMAGLIATURA – 1975
5. “Patrizia” (alt. take – con voci) – INCONTRO – 1971
7. “18 Pari” – UN UOMO DA RISPETTARE – 1972
8. “Psychedelic Mood” – LUI PER LEI – 1971
9. “Fuggire Lontano” (edit) – L’AUTOMOBILE – 1971
10. “Jukebox Psychédélique” – PEUR SUR LA VILLE – 1975
11. “Fondati Timori” – LA SMAGLIATURA – 1975
12. “Edda Bocca Chiusa” – LUI PER LEI – 1971
13. “Non Può Essere Vero” – MIO CARO ASSASSINO – 1972
14. “Eat It” (versione singolo) – EAT IT – 1969
15. “Nascosta nell’Ombra” – QUANDO L’AMORE Ė SENSUALITÀ – 1973
16. “Dramma su di Noi” – SPOGLIATI, PROTESTA, UCCIDI – 1972
17. “Lui per Lei – LUI PER LEI – 1971
18. “Beat per Quattro Ruote” – L’AUTOMOBILE – 1971
19. “Stark System” (Rock) – STARK SYSTEM – 1980
20. “Il Clan dei Siciliani” (Tema n. 5) – IL CLAN DEI SICILIANI – 1969
21. “René La Canne” – RENE LA CANNE – 1977
22. “Ore 22” – SAN BABILA ORE 20: UN DELITTO INUTILE – 1976
23. “Sinfonia di una Città” – Seq. 4 – COPKILLER – 1983
24. “L’Immoralità” (edit) – L’IMMORALITÀ – 1978
25. “L’Incarico” – UN UOMO DA RISPETTARE – 1972
26. “Inseguimento Mortale” – LA TARANTOLA DAL VENTRE NERO – 1971
27. “Macchie Solari” (The Victim – versione singolo) – MACCHIE SOLARI – 1974


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