Sinego Releases New Single ‘Veneno’

    Sinego, a Colombian/Mexican multi-instrumentalist and music producer, released his latest piece, ‘Veneno’ — today. The song was published on Sony’s ORIANNA Imprint. The vocals for the song are by Daniela Blau with violin work by Alfredo De La Fe. Leonardo La Croix recorded the guitar portions. 

    Sinego is most widely-known for his tracks ‘Duele,’ ‘Verte Triste,’ and ‘Let Go,’ all respectfully with millions on plays. ‘Veneno’ marks the first release of 2021 for Sinego.

    In terms of the artwork, whilst it looks Photoshopped. In fact, it’s not. It features two live Phyllobates Terribilis (poisonous frogs) on Sinego’s face. The frogs belong to Dardo, a non-profit organisation committed to protecting reptiles in Latin America.

    ‘Venero’ is now available to be streamed via Spotify and all other major platforms.

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