Lime Garden Unveil New Single ‘Sick & Tired’

    Brighton four-piece Lime Garden have shared a new single called ‘Sick & Tired’, out now via So Young Records. The new track follows the group’s self-released debut ‘Surf N Turf’ as well as ‘Fever’. Give it a listen below.

    “Writing the song helped us find the beauties all around us, even when we were feeling stuck in a rut,” singer and co-songwriter Chloe Howard explained in a statement. “The songwriting process began when we were split miles apart due to the various lockdowns, meaning this song came from a completely new way of writing for us. Sending logic files back and forth, piecing together the song bit by bit, made it feel like a collaborative being that we were all looking after to help grow, this is also true in the fact that you can hear a little bit of each of us throughout the song. We feel it’s the perfect reflection on how we have grown as a band to be inspired by each other’s writing and influences.”

    She added, “Although the lyrics are a little melancholic, the realisation is that we have to keep hoping for the best  – that’s why we wanted the track to feel uplifting even though it’s about being stuck in a rut.”

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