The Trends That Are Changing How We Gamble Online

    More of us are playing bingo online than ever before, with a staggering array of platforms offering thousands of different games and content options for every casino game imaginable.

    The bingo industry has famously been keen to adopt new trends and technologies early on, as evidenced by its rapid embrace of crypto gaming and the use of VR in live games. But what are the trends that are currently driving forward change in the online gambling sector? Read on to find out.

    Hybrid Games are Ascendant 

    Within online gambling, the lines between different genres of games are increasingly blurred. Nowhere is this more evident than with the game of Slingo, which has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular online casino games ever. As you can see at, Slingo is a cross between conventional online 75-ball bingo and slot games.

    Players spin the online slot reels in the hopes that the reels will throw up the numbers they have on their bingo cards, allowing people to win in new ways while still enjoying classic online casino games. Hybrid genres such as Slingo look set to take over the world of online gambling.

    There are various appealing factors for gamers: firstly, the game itself is ridiculously simple and doesn’t feature lots of complex and elaborate rules. Secondly, the slots element of the game means that it’s remarkably speedy and doesn’t demand hours of your time (unless you want to do a marathon play session). Thirdly, easy access to the online landscape via different devices such as PC desktops and smartphones means that people can play conveniently whenever it suits them. The success of Slingo implies there’ll be other hybrid innovations in the years to come.

    Giving You Options

    One of the most important trends in online bingo right now is the broad inclusion of new payment/deposit methods. As highlighted on, there’s a broad range of payment options available. A lot of credible bingo sites support the standard Mastercard transactions, but also encourage newer methods such as eWallet transactions and cryptocurrencies, based on the increasing use of these methods across other industries. Here, many of the top bingo platforms have led the way, offering all members greater control of their gaming habits and allowing them to customise their access like never before.

    Nowadays, the emphasis is all on putting players in the driver’s seat and ensuring that they are empowered with the tools they need to play with as much convenience and control as possible. Inevitably, further adaptation to new forms of online currency will be increasingly commonplace in the months and years to come.

    Deals Without the Catch 

    Finally, online bingo sites are proliferating and platforms are working harder to become more competitive. Through the inclusion of ludicrous welcome bonuses and offers, new customers are being drawn in by the sheer array of additional features provided just for clicking on from the initial landing page.

    It’s no secret that online gambling is one of the most popular leisure and entertainment activities in the world right now. The online gambling market was worth a staggering $64 billion worldwide in 2020, according to, with there being every indication that it will continue growing exponentially across the coming decade.

    To us, these are the major trends driving change within the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry. In time, they are likely to completely dominate the sector, transforming how we play bingo online forever.

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