Fall Trends: Nine Must Have Fashion Accessories

    It’s official. Summer is over, and therefore all the trends you’ve spent the last few months adhering to are now done and dusted. It’s now the fall, and that means a whole new number of fads to get used to, and the good news is that we are here to guide you through the ever-changing fashion maze.

    The fall is perhaps the best season when it comes to accessories. The varying weather and conditions make for something of a mixed bag when it comes to fashion. It’s the season for layering and complex decision-making that can include buying glasses online.

    It’s the time to pay close attention to the weather each morning you awake; maybe it’s going to be a bright and sunny day, or could the overcast or colder weather influence your outfit choices in an entirely different direction?

    So, want to know what the seven hottest fall fashion accessories for 2021? Then read on…

    Oversized Sunglasses

    This fall, you need to be wearing sunglasses that make a statement; the bigger, the better. In fact, it’s not a case of being ‘bigger’ as such; it’s about being oversized (and there is a subtle difference). 

    Look for big frames, and if you are shopping for your kids, or yourself, then you should check out what GlassesUSA.com has to offer. Remember, it may be the fall, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s less sun around (and you can blame climate change for that), so there’s plenty of time to get some serious hours in while wearing some fashionable specs.

    Supersized Hoops

    It appears the fall is all about bigging up your accessories; that’s certainly the case when it comes to earrings. Try to go for nice large hoops when picking out your earrings for both day and night.

    One option is to go blingy here, golds and silvers, and this works well for a night out on the town or with the girls. Maybe for morning weekend strolls and work, you might consider bright-colored hoops that are more playful than showy.


    Gone are the days when you would be introspective about the names and brands you are wearing. Now you should wear those names with pride. Tell the world what you are wearing, especially if the garments you are adorned in are by big names and fashionable outlets. 

    Usually, you get the most action out of logos with bags and belts, and don’t go at this in a half-hearted manner, show off with no regard for the fact that you might look like a walking, talking billboard.

    Brooches, Brooches Everywhere

    Yes, there was a time that brooches were associated with your aunt or grandmother, but they are now well and truly a style accessory for every age. This style seems to have had the roots of its renaissance firmly pinned to Sex and the City and the combinations that a certain Carrie Bradshaw wore.

    You can look to go with silver and gold for the more austere and upscale look or more down to earth if you are looking to do things in a more reserved fashion.

    Opera Gloves

    Now, some fashion trends can be predicted, and others go round and round in circles and seemingly never leave us. Opera gloves do not fit into either of these categories. We are not sure how or where this style accessory trend came from, but we wholeheartedly approve.

    Opera style gloves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, typically extended to the elbow, and can be worn as a high-end statement or in a more bohemian/hipster style. The added benefit here is for those who are still very much in the COVID-19 mindset, with the gloves offering protection of sorts.

    Hobo Bags

    This trend comes hot on the heels of the summer’s big tote bags and is another one of those trends that is very suitable for those of us who simply can’t leave home with every item imaginable. 

    Again, go big with this choice and maybe look for a hobo-style bag that has tassels or some other form of detailing that makes it a little bit less staid and workmanlike. If you want to be more robust with this accessory, then consider bright, vibrant colors or textures that make the item stand out.

    Vintage Headscarves

    Silk scarves were the height of the summer accessory choices, and now we move seamlessly to vintage headscarves. These are ideal for the ever-changing season that fall tends to bring us. Clearly, you can pick these up in a good retro store or thrift market, but this could lead to you spending hours trying to find the one that suits you best.

    Instead, you can just pick up a ‘new’ vintage headscarf, and that won’t be too hard as most fashion outlets on the main street are now selling these. Similarly, you can pick up a great selection online. 

    Quilted Handbags and Sandals

    What can be more luxurious and decadent than quilting? When it’s applied to sandals, you get the benefit of comfort twinned with the effect of looking like you just stepped off the runway.

    Quilted handbags work best as either cross-body styles or as clutches and if you want to be extra chic, then look for a bag in monochrome leather. 


    Yes, pearls are still very much in at the moment. We were bombarded by this item throughout the summer, and it’s still working its magic in the fall. So, how best to adopt this trend?

    You can go for a nice pearl choker, especially effective with evening wear, or a nice necklace or pearls as part of a professional work outfit. Basically, if you are wearing jewelry, then consider pearls as the mode to channel.

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