How to Sell Your Clutter

    Is your home choc-a-bloc with junk? Your unwanted clutter could be someone else’s treasure, so why not have a clear-out and put all your surplus stuff on sale? You’ll make money as well as space that way, and selling is easy thanks to all the online markets and platforms at your fingertips. Here are a few pointers to help you gather up your unwanted possessions and turn them into budget-boosters.

    What and how to select

    Wander through your home and look at everything in a new light. Ask yourself whether you really need this piece of crockery or furniture, whether you really want these ornaments or those soft furnishings. Consider items you never use, such as kitchenware that’s inconveniently heavy or a chair you find too hard. Check duplicates of items you only need one of, such as fruit bowls, irons or weighing scales, and just keep the better of the two. Also look at broken, damaged and disfigured objects – perhaps they could be renovated and added to the pile. What games and pastimes have your family got bored with lately? Go through books, toys, board games, DVD and other activity items, as well as clothes, jewelry and whatever else you come across, picking out whatever’s gathering dust. Make each decision with care, and take a fresh look through your collection next morning, to avoid any regrets later.

    How to present for sale

    Invest in some low-cost cleaning solutions and accessories as needed, such as for wood, silver, glass and fabrics, and clean up all your collected items. You may be surprised how well the damaged ones can be improved. A non-functioning appliance may simply need a new plug, bulb or battery, for instance, and a frayed rug or drape can be invisibly stitched up. Stained wood can be sandpapered down, marks on fabrics can be lifted by soaking in hot, soapy water or a light bleach solution, and blemished paint can be touched up. Pens, pencils and other bits and pieces can be packaged attractively in sets. Make the most of every item.

    Where to sell

    Your best opportunities for selling are online. With browsers window-shopping all around the world every minute of the day and night, you’re sure to sell at least some of your goods, and with careful pricing to meet shoppers’ budgets as well as yours, you can count on some profit. You may not get much per item, but with a big pile of products for sale, the dollars will soon add up. If you’ve sold enough, you may think about investing your money for example to buy nft art.

    Choose your selling platforms carefully and be prepared to use several different ones to suit your different items. An old dress might do well in a retro store, for instance, and craft work would look at home in a arts and craft store, such as Etsy. High-quality items will be worth auctioning, perhaps on Ebay or a similar site, and holiday souvenirs will sit well in a store dedicated to the relevant country or city. If you have a website, open a fresh page as a store of your own, or set up a new website for the purpose, linking in with social media.

    You may have good off-line selling opportunities, too, in which case, make the most of them. You might be able to sell goods at work, or at your club or interest group. Flea market sales may also be profitable in your area, and if there’s a store down the road selling antiques, they can probably accommodate your retro items. Wherever you sell, be sure to set prices you’ll be pleased with afterward.

    When you sell off your junk, you’ll have the great satisfaction of getting something for nothing. Then, with all that extra space and money, you’ll be able to treat yourself to something new instead.

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