How To Dress With Comfort And Style For This Season

    Finally, the warmer months are here! Winter is great and all, but it is always exciting to finally feel the sun’s warmth and enjoy some much-needed time outdoors. However, the return of summer also means you would need to conduct a quick review of your apparel. Although everyone’s style may differ, there are always essentials you need to complete your look and stay trendy. So, what essentials do you need in your wardrobe this summer? Here are a few ideas for you! 

    A white shirt

    The usual presumption is that black goes with everything. Black is versatile, but wearing a black outfit in summer can be quite uncomfortable, especially when temperatures are high. Fortunately, a white shirt can do the same for you. You can wear a white shirt with just about anything. For instance, a white linen shirt is a great option if you want to layer it in your outfit to keep things casual. Or, you can pair it with a cute black leather skirt for a classy style for date night. Regardless of the style of your shirt, you would find that you can pair just about anything with a white shirt. Additionally, white is a great color to wear during summer because it helps keep the body cool by reflecting light instead of absorbing it. 

    Denim shorts 

    What’s summer without showing some skin? Summer gives you a chance to strut your walk and show your beautiful legs. That’s why you need a pair of shorts this summer. A pair of denim shorts are a great choice as you can wear them with any style and color shirt. These pieces are essential because they help you stay cool during hot days and can be used to create different attires. For example, you can create a very laid-back look by wearing your denim shorts with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals. Yet, those same shorts could be a great brunch or late-night attire if you include a pair of heels or knee-high booties (especially if your shorts are quite short). There are also various lengths and designs you can choose from, so you would find something that suits your fashion sense. 

    Boyfriend jeans

    Admittedly, you may not be too keen on wearing shorts. Or, perhaps, it’s not your style. If that’s the case, you should consider including a pair of boyfriend jeans in your summer wardrobe. Unlike regular jeans or skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans are more convenient for summer. These jeans are way cooler than regular ones, lighter, and more fun. Additionally, their baggy feel gives you a more comfortable and airy feel, which you need during summer. They are also convenient for both casual and casual-formal attires. However, do remember to get them in shades of light or faded denim for a more summery loo 

    Open toe shoes

    After spending months wearing socks, stockings, and boots, it’s time to let your toes wriggle in the sunlight. Also, due to the warm weather, you wouldn’t want to deal with sweaty feet and the issues that come with it. Open-toe shoes such as sandals, slippers, and everyday slides are options you should consider when putting together your summer outfit. Shoes like Birkenstock Gizeh are timeless and stylish pairs of shoes you would need every summer. According to Bustle, open-toe shoes such as ancient Greek style sandals, square-toed heel sandals, platform sandals, and elevated flip-flops are also must-haves trending this summer. 

    Sneakers and flat ballet shoes

    Despite the need for open-toe shoes in summer, you can’t completely ditch your sneakers or flat ballet shoes. Open-toe shoes may not be ideal for some occasions or may not be your style. Besides, wearing such shoes all the time can get pretty boring. So, you can switch it up by incorporating sneakers and flat shoes into your outfits. Sneakers add a bit of chic and sass to your outfit— which is definitely what a summer outfit is all about. Due to their various styles and colors, ballet flat shoes serve as a great alternative to wearing heels but still looking formal or casual-formal. Be sure to select fun colors besides black to give off a summer look. 

    Denim jacket

    It may seem odd to include a jacket option when discussing the essential clothing items for summer. But you need a denim jacket during summer, and here’s why. Denim jackets offer versatility. For instance, if you’ve got on a strappy dress or cute crop top, a denim jacket can serve as a stylish form of layering to add to your look.

    Although the weather is a bit warmer in summer, it can get chilly at night or in the morning. Temperatures may also drop due to the occasional summer rains. A denim jacket is an excellent source of warmth. It isn’t as thick as a winter jacket and can complement any outfit. 

    Maxi dresses

    Of course, as the days get longer, the dresses get shorter. However, besides cute and patterned summer dresses, you should consider getting yourself a maxi dress this summer. Despite their length, there’s something so summery about maxi dresses. These dresses aren’t body-hugging, tight, or restrictive. The length of maxi dresses does little to remove its style or functionality during the summer. Maxi dresses hang loosely on your body, giving you an airy and comfortable go-to outfit. Additionally, they come in various patterns, colors, and styles for any occasion and to keep up with summer vibes.

    A staple summer tote bag

    Cute cross bags and mini-bags are in vogue this summer, but you need a staple tote bag for a more functional look when you go out. Think about it; you need many things when you go out, like your water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, make-up, and so much more! It would be difficult putting all that in your cross bag. With your summer tote bag, you can keep all your items and do so with still. Tote bags are also easy to carry, so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

    So, there you have it! It’s time to have fun in the sun with some style. Be sure to get these essentials this summer.

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