Live Blackjack and the technology involved

    Whether you’re familiar with casino gaming or not, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Blackjack – or Twenty-one, as it was originally known. Originating in the 17th century, the game has stood the test of time, becoming one of the first available at online casino sites. 

    In the modern-day, you can even play live Blackjack online, with real-life dealers hosting the game, streamed from a specialist studio, direct to your device in real time! 

    But how exactly does live Blackjack work? 

    Join us as we explore the technology that makes live casino games so authentic… 

    What is live Blackjack?

    Live Blackjack is exactly what you’d expect. A classic game of Blackjack, hosted by a professional dealer for an accurate casino experience.

    When you enter the game, you’ll likely find some unique variations to explore. Whichever you choose, the concept will be the same. You’ll be greeted by the live host, who will then open the betting window for you to place your wager, and then proceed to deal out cards to the left as gameplay begins. 

    Behind the scenes

    There’s lots of magic working behind the scenes at the live casino, with state-of-the-art technology constantly evolving to provide you with the best experience possible. Alongside the professionally-trained dealer, great graphics and themed studio, you will find plenty of other elements making up the live casino experience… 


    You’ll find multiple HD cameras, capturing gameplay from every angle so you can view every element of gameplay seamlessly, as though you are truly sitting at a seat in front of the gaming table. 

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 

    There’s the OCR software, which tracks the symbols on the cards and every other tiny movement within the studio, translating it into data so the information can be displayed on your screen without delay. 


    The monitor provides a way for two-way interaction. It allows the dealer to see what’s being asked in the live chat box, as well as help them keep track of the bets being placed and players in the game, for example.

    Game Control Unit (GCU) 

    The GCU is truly what ties all of this incredible technology together and ensures the games work. Each table has a GCU, which takes care of the encoding process. This ensures gameplay is streamed in real-time and with optimum clarity, providing you with an authentic casino experience that truly can’t be beaten! 

    With all this in mind, do you think you’ll be trying your hand at live Blackjack anytime soon? Or will you be sticking with the digital Random Number Generator (RNG) run games that are oh-so-familiar in the modern-day? 

    Perhaps live Blackjack has caught your eye so much so that you fancy upping your game and trying a themed variation like Quantum Blackjack Plus, where you’ll find a whole new realm of multipliers and unique gameplay that can host an unlimited number of players. 

    So, you could soak up an authentic casino experience or opt for something you just wouldn’t find at a land-based venue when playing live Blackjack. Which will you choose?

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