How Can Virtual Influencers Promote Mindfulness and Self-care?

    We are now at a stage online where we have influencers that form decisions through their lifestyles, suggestions, and recommendations. This has been going on for a while and has been thriving. This isn’t surprising in the least, with everything progressing, technology takes it up a notch.

    Virtual influencers are out there and doing really well, representing major brands and having a huge social media presence. Their presence is hugely felt on more open-communication sites like Twitter and Instagram.

    Effective as they might be, they aren’t without some flaws. These are things that we, at Livebeam, have noticed and would like to influence ourselves. Their branding usually focuses on a lifestyle and whatever brand they represent. They are paid, so it’s understandable that there would be bias and sometimes there would be sugar-coating. This leads to a dearth in the mention and promotion of conscious human values such as self-care, temperance, mindfulness, and so many more. 

    What Can These Virtual Influencers Be Made To Do Better?

    Livebeam is a communication platform, created with an intention to promote genuine human interactions and help to reduce loneliness. There is an understanding that it is necessary to guide the online audience in their dealings, and this should be done by all types of influencers. 

    The virtual influencers, as motivated by money as they might be, are under the eye of many online users who look up to them. These creatives are then obligated to be authentic, as well as honest. In doing so, the influencers can be driven to input some self-care practices and directives into their lifestyle. They are seen to be a brand, but exhibiting human traits such as mindfulness will make them more relatable, as well as give them an increased avenue to influence.

    There are communities online that put such a positive mindset into practice. The Livebeam community is one of such communities, and such should be taught in more online spaces. As internet users, we should use the resource in commendable and positive ways. 

    These are 10 tips to make your online use more productive and worthwhile:

    Get a Chat Buddy

    This point is pretty easy to talk about because of Livebeam. Livebeam has so many people online who are available to chat. Asides from the platform, there are many social media platforms where you can find one or two stable relationships to build. People bring knowledge, get rid of boredom, and are usually fun to talk to.

    On Livebeam, you can invite people over to chat and get positive responses. This brings ease to the communication and starts you both on common ground.

    Keep Contact With Family and Friends

    As much as you could make new friends on Livebeam and so many other platforms, the internet also makes it easier to stay in touch with family and friends. It takes away popular excuses like not coming to visit or checking up on them. With frequent contact, you create a stronger bond with your “day ones” and get to set up meetings and hangouts with them when you are both free.

    Try Out Suggestions From Virtual Influencers

    Having spoken on the methods and mechanism of operation of virtual influencers, there is an understanding that they are paid to promote whatever they bring to your attention. However, such a product or service will have a high level of credibility. If you are one for testing and trials you can attempt to see for yourself what these products are about. You could share them with friends and make sincere reviews about them.

    Join Online Forums of Similar Interest

    There are topics that tickle our fancy. Topics that you enjoy talking about and could spend a whole day contributing to. For some it’s sports, for others it’s entertainment, and for many more, it’s in relation to their occupation or specialisation. Like offline discussions, there are forums online where you can contribute to your favourite topic. This brings life to your online activities and makes them feel more normal. A typical example of such a platform is Quora, which has several open topics for discussion.

    Learn Some DIY

    DIYs have become so popular as the internet stands its ground. Most people now enjoy doing home DIYs to improve the household and personalize it. Some DIYs lead to jobs that could add some extra incentive to learning them. The internet is an online marketplace and school, you could take some of your free time to learn some DIYs. These DIYs have also been known to help to relieve stress and stay physically active.

    Learn a Foreign Language

    You no longer have to wait to travel to learn about new languages, cultures, and people. It’s all at your fingertips now. There are language learning platforms like Duolingo, Memrise, and Babbel where you can start a new language from scratch and get ready for a vacation or relocation. There are also practical ways to learn about people’s cultures by researching or even coming in contact with such people. Livebeam is a global platform that houses people from all over the world that you can converse with and add to your knowledge.

    Play Online Games

    Not just the typical games that while away your time, there are games that help increase your IQ and stay sharp. Games are known for being fun but they can also be very stimulating. You pick up your device and want to play a game. Consider games that will serve both educative and recreational purposes.

    What Fun Videos

    In a time where there are so many activities and platforms online, visual content remains king. Be it increasing mindfulness, passing a message, or just generally creating awareness for a product, content, or service, visuals have an upper hand. It’s not far-fetched why Youtube has the highest penetration among all social media platforms. This is also the reason why Livebeam provides its extra streaming feature to keep the users engaged and occupied.

    Stock up the House

    You no longer need to leave the house to get so many things. Online shopping has made it pretty easy to get all necessities to your doorstep. If you are a shopaholic, you can shop from the convenience of the couch at home. Just get on the best e-commerce platforms and click away.

    Look for a Job

    Another ease that has been provided by the internet is in job search. LinkedIn is the leading platform for job advertisement and it has helped a plethora of people find their dream jobs. Aside from LinkedIn, it has been discovered that 60% of jobs are found through networking, and in our modern day and time, there’s no better place to network than the internet.

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