How to beat the bookies with value betting

    Value betting is an effective method of making money in the BOs, and in this article we intend to talk about it in more detail.

    Strategy details

    All bookmakers set their odds on outcomes by aligning them with the margin, the guaranteed profit set to be made regardless of how this or that event ends.

    Because of said margin, the odds must get undervalued: the odds for two equivalent events can be a maximum of 1.92 – 1.92 instead of 2.0 – 2.0, and this is definitely a minus for the bettors.

    But there are also situations when the bookies, on the contrary, overvalue the odds for certain outcomes. The reason for this may be, for example, the delayed reaction of the BO to the change of situation in the match/game/race.

    So, the essence of the value betting method being analyzed today lies precisely in the search and betting on such overvalued odds. This strategy has already been tested by lots of bettors, and is really effective in generating the long-term income.

    Many punters call value betting EV (Expected Value). But is it correct? Read more about what does EV mean in betting in our another article.

    How do one search for the overvalued odds?

    There are only two options: you either can try to calculate the overvalued odds on your own, or trust special value bet scanners.

    If you choose manual search, you must understand that you will have to spend lots and lots of time and effort every day in order to find undervalued outcomes in the betting lines set by various bookmakers.

    That is why many value bettors use a special software for valuebets search: the service helps them to analyze the bookmakers’ lines, and identify the undervalued outcomes, providing then the users with the relevant data in a matter of seconds. Thus, the service can significantly save your time and nerves.

    One of the leaders among that kind of services is now BetBurger. This value bets software collects information from 100+ BO lines in over 40 sports so you always have a good selection of events to bet on.

    Plus, the functionality of the service allows you to customize the output of information on undervalued outcomes for certain parameters by using filters:

    This way, you will have the option of customizing the output of undervalued outcomes for 40+ sports, setting the range of profitability, as well as setting the value indicator, etc.

    What are the advantages of value (value bet)?

    The main advantages of betting on undervalued outcomes are:

    • this gambling method can make more than 10% of the profit monthly.
    • you can start betting with this strategy with a small start-up bankroll, while having not more than a couple of bookmakers accounts.
    • when using the value bet strategy, the bettor’s behavior is more natural, so it is more difficult for the bookies to suspect the bettor of using this gambling system.

    As for the shortcomings, when betting with this strategy, you must not count on getting rich quick – the value betting can make solid income only in a long-term run.


    Nowadays, lots of bettors already use the betting strategy described herein, which is just another confirmation of its effectiveness.

    Speaking of the search for overvalued odds, many experts recommend using value bet scanners, because the costs of using them are more than paid off due to the advantages they are offering.

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