Watch Spotlight: Omega Genève 121.1740 Pocket Watch

    Pocket watches were introduced in the sixteenth century as a tool that could tell time while being carried around. This invention revolutionized time telling and was originally only available for those able to afford the steep cost of this nifty machine. Nowadays, pocket watches are available for all sorts of budgets and are carried by those looking for an elegant and unique accessory.

    The Omega Genève pocket watch is one of these truly amazing time-telling pieces. This pocket watch, holding type number 121.1740, was produced by Omega, a brand famous for making quality watches for affordable prices. This particular piece was manufactured between 1971 and 1985.

    About Omega

    Omega is well-known for its high-quality watches that feature impeccably precise timekeeping abilities and make beatiful antique pocket watches. Omega was the only brand with flight-certified watches that were precise enough to be the official chronometer of NASA. They became the first watch brand ever to be worn by several astronauts on the moon, including Ed White and Buzz Aldrin, and are the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games.

    Omega has innovated tremendously and was the first to introduce a self-winding tourbillon wristwatch. Their unique and antique pocket watches are loved by fashion fanatics all over the world, and their precise timepieces are used for all sorts of important sports events. The Omega Genève is a well-loved collectible that is highly sought after on the antique watch markets.


    This particular Omega pocket watch is made with a 48mm chrome case in the color silver. Its small size makes it perfect for carrying around in a pocket or purse. It’s not waterproof, so don’t forget to safely store it before swimming and keep it out of the rain.

    The Omega Genève 121.1740 was produced with several dial plate designs, featuring both Arabic and Roman numerals, but the most commonly found Omega Genève features Arabic numerals. What stands out is the minimalist design of this watch. It does not have any jewels or rich decorations, neither on the bezel nor on the case or dial plate. The cream or white colored dial plate with black numerals is cleverly combined with slim, black hands that feature a long leave-like design.

    The hour markers of this pocket watch are black as well and run around the dial plate in a rail design, on which each minute is marked. To use the chronometer on this multifunctional pocket watch, simply press the button on top of the watch to start and stop the meter.  Pressing it again allows it to return to its original setting. Since this Omega Genève is a pocket watch, it features a ring on top, which can be used to attach the watch with a chain.


    Omega is highly praised for its precision, and that can be seen in this pocket watch as well. This pocket watch is easy to set, but by taking good care of it, it shouldn’t be necessary to adjust the time of this piece. The mechanical clockwork needs manual winding to work, but it’s also possible to leave it in a winding case. Omega Genève has a caliber of 960.


    Because of its high reliability and ability to precise timekeeping, the Omega Genève 121.1740 Pocket Watch is the perfect timepiece for referees and professional timekeepers. Besides, its minimalist designs make it easy to combine with practically any outfit. Since this watch is a pocket watch, which is far less commonly worn than wristwatches, it makes it the perfect accessory for those looking to elevate their outfit in a unique and elegant manner.

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