The Best Casino Movie Of All Time: Casino (1995)

    ‘Casino’ is perhaps the best casino movie of all time. The film was already released in 1995, so it is now almost 30 years old. Yet we keep talking about it as it is still popular in many countries around the world, such as Kuwait and the whole Middle East. It is a real crime film, with all the ingredients that a crime film should have: flashy editing, an energetic rhythm, excellent decoration and well-known actors.

    At The Casino With Robert De Niro

    Casino is a movie by Martin Scorsese, who you probably know from ‘Goodfellas’. Like ‘Goodfellas‘, ‘Casino’ is a movie adaptation of a book by Nicholas Pileggi. It’s about the Italian-American mafia. Robert De Niro plays Ace Rothstein, a charismatic mobster. He works for the mafia and controls a few casinos in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Rothstein is a bit too charismatic. He falls in love with a call girl (Sharon Stone), which is the beginning of his downfall.

    Then his former, murderous buddy (played by Joe Pesci) comes into the picture again. This gets Ace Rothstein even further into trouble. The film is not so much a mafia film, but it is a perfect representation of Las Vegas. The story is based on the life of Frank Rosenthal, who ran several casinos in the service of the mafia in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Love Gone Wrong

    As soon as Ace falls in love with Ginger, he lets his job at the casino grind to a halt. Previously, he earned a lot of money in the casino, which also made the mafia bosses very satisfied with him. But Ginger is a beautiful lady who will do anything in exchange for money. Ginger is also in love, but not with Ace’s personality. No, Ginger is all about money. With the money, Ace manages to persuade Ginger to get married.

    Ginger keeps in touch with her ex-pimp, Lester Diamond. Diamond is addicted to drugs and penniless. That’s why Ace tries to keep Ginger away from him, but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, the casino is financially collapsing. At one point he is officially kicked out of his casino and the end seems near.

    Popular Games Featured In The Movie

    Of course, Casino also features the well-known, typical Las Vegas games that are popular around the world, especially in Kuwait. You can’t get around Blackjack or Roulette. Blackjack is not only a popular game in the movie Casino but also in all kinds of other movies. The game is also in other blockbusters, such as License to Kill and 21.

    These games are still popular. You play them in a physical casino with a croupier, or in real money online casinos in Kuwait through a video connection. In that respect, the time of gangsters running a casino is long behind us. In Kuwait, online gambling is legalized by offshore gaming agencies. Fortunately, certain elements, such as the exciting atmosphere and attractive decoration, are not just something from the movies.


    The movie “Casino” touches its viewers sensitively and profoundly. This fantastic movie brilliantly reflects the tension and excitement that come with the world of gambling. This movie has strong performances from its actors. On top of that, the film’s strong storyline, superb visual rendition, and rare directorial potential all combine to give the best, most vivid portrayal of Las Vegas life at its peak. The horrific and decadent events of “Casino” detail gang life and corruption. In a connected frame, the events of the film also reflect the development of the industry and its impact on traditional games such as blackjack and roulette, which are still popular today in both real and online casinos. As for Kuwait, where casino games are very popular. In short, the film provides an insight into the world of casinos and games that resonate with modern Kuwaiti culture.

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    Abbie Wilson
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