CHAI Share Video for New Single ‘GAME’

    CHAI have dropped a new single from their self-titled album ahead of its release this Friday. ‘GAME’, which follows previous entries ‘NEO KAWAII, K?’, ‘PARA PARA’, and ‘WE THE FEMALE!’, arrives with a music video directed by Cameron Lew. Check it out below.

    “Winning isn’t the goal, it’s the strategizing and challenge that matters♡ So it doesn’t matter if you lose,” CHAI’s MANA said in a statement about the new song. “Take that loss and turn it into an even better strategy! Life’s a game! We made the video with our lovely friend Ginger Root♡ It’s fun and NEO KAWAII♡ As long as you’re living, you can play the game as many times as you want. Be honest to your heart, don’t take it too seriously, and live life.”

    Lew added: “CHAI blends chaos and positivity in the best way, and so I wanted to create a video that showcases exactly that. And what better way, then to show them frantically delivering their music, movements, and mindset directly to their fans. It was such a fun experience directing this video, the way the girls are in sync with one another is insane. Not your ordinary delivery service: Come along as the girls hand over packages that will take their fans (and some skeptical patrons) on a musical journey.”

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