15 Memorable Quotes from Creed III (2023)

    The latest film in the Rocky franchise, Creed III, follows Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). After a fantastic boxing career and an established family life, he meets an old childhood friend and boxing guru, Damian, after returning from prison. Damian feels like he wants another shot at boxing, which creates a feud between the two that go to battle for pride, past, and future.

    With a flurry of drama and some excellent casting, with Jonathan Majors smashing his role in the latest Creed film, this film deserves a watch. It’s also the first film that doesn’t feature Sylvester Stallone. So, here are the most memorable quotes from Creed 3.

    1. Damian Anderson: Here… help yourself up for once.
    2. Adonis Creed: The higher you get, the harder it gets.
    3. Adonis Creed: I left boxing but boxing didn’t leave me.
    4. Adonis Creed: Right now we got to think outside the box.
    5. Adonis Creed: I’m the champ!
    6. Damian Anderson: It was really hard to accept my dreams didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to.”
    7. Bianca Creed: Don’t let him destroy everything you built.
    8. Adonis Creed: It’s not only about power. It’s timing, speed.
    9. Damian Anderson: Busy living that high life, huh? Adonis Creed: Yeah. Guess it comes with the job.
    10. Damian Anderson: Make me proud how you ended your run. Look like you still remember some of them moves I taught you.
    11. Damian Anderson: I want to be champ.
    12. Damian Anderson: We back to ground zero.
    13. Bianca Creed: so, how long have you known each other? Damian Anderson: I mean, we go back. Way Back, we was like brothers.
    14. Damian Anderson: Okay, I see. The Champ’s still got some pepper in him.
    15. Damian Anderson: Can’t believe you traded it in for a monkey suit.
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