Counter-Strike 2: Game Tips For Beginners

    Counter-Strike 2 was released on September 27, 2023. A new engine, changed behavior of smoke grenades, and an improved system for scoring actions on the server are just some of the changes. If you want to be as successful as pro player Nikola “NiKo” Kovač from G2 Esports, you’ll definitely want to train hard and learn the ins and outs of CS2. In this article from Volodymyr Timkiv, you will learn about tips for playing CS2. You can also explore NiKo, s1mple, and faze CS2 stats on the Profilerr platform.

    What Is Counter-Strike 2

    This is a new part of an online team game about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists. There are different modes in CS2, but the main one is “team to team”. Players use virtual money to buy weapons at the beginning of the round. After each death, you have to take up the weapon again.

    Battles take place on different maps, and victory conditions depend on the team and the selected map. CS has a hostage mode in which terrorists must prevent special forces from releasing and removing people from a certain territory. But most players prefer maps with bomb placement. In this mode, terrorists must place a bomb at one of two points on the map, and special forces must prevent them from doing this. The terrorists will win if the bomb explodes. And the special forces will win if the bomb can be defused or the round time runs out.

    Killing the entire opposing team will also bring victory. Moreover, you can be reborn after death in normal mode only with the start of a new round. And dying in CS2 is very easy. By the way, the average monthly number of CS 2 players in December 2023 exceeded 750,000. Here are tips to help you succeed in the game.

    Be sure to play with good headphones

    The ability to listen to enemies in CS is no less important than accurate shooting. If you want to be useful on the battlefield, use high-quality headphones, preferably with a microphone, to notify your team about enemy actions in time.

    This advice is relevant for most team games, but especially so in the case of Counter-Strike. The cost of death here is high: to revive in the main game mode you will have to wait until the start of the next round. If you let your team down, there will be less money to buy weapons.

    Use The Shift Key

    Those players who can remain silent in the right situations, but notify their teammates in time, have an advantage. To avoid being heard, hold down the Shift button. This will switch your character to walking. An important benefit of moving quietly is a more stable sight.

    If you’re approaching a potential hot spot on the map, it’s best to step up and proceed with caution. There is no point in moving in a squat, it is very slow. And your opponents will definitely hear you running. The ability to quickly switch between different types of movement is very important.

    Understand The terms – This Is Important For Orientation

    In the days of CS 1.6, different places on the map did not have labels, so the community itself invented labels for tunnels, rooms, and other spaces in locations. The main points are bomb sites, so-called A and B.

    In Counter-Strike 2, everything is simpler – even the mini-map has symbols. But you still need to know the location. This way you will understand what to do in different situations. For example, when one of your teammates shouts that there is a sniper at the gate or an enemy with a bomb is coming through the tunnel to B.

    Use Your Environment to Your Advantage

    Each map has plenty of cover and other advantageous positions. Counter-Strike is a popular cyber discipline. Because of this, developers approach the design of locations and important objects on them very carefully.

    All maps have been studied inside and out a long time ago. You will not be able to open any new profitable points. Work with what you already have. Carefully study locations and important positions.

    Be a Team Player

    Nobody likes solo players in team games, and they have a really hard time in Counter-Strike. Mistakes like throwing a stun grenade at the feet of your comrades are not forgiven here. If you don’t contribute, you may be kicked out of the match.

    The rules here are standard for all online team games. Tell your teammates important information, cover them, and act together. Feel free to use a microphone.

    Be More Active

    The faster you purchase weapons and run to the desired position, the less likely you are to be killed there. The fastest option for purchasing the necessary guns is to use hotkeys. By default, the magazine opens with the B button, and the weapon category is selected by numbers.

    Remember that movement speed is affected by the weight of the weapon in your hands. To move as quickly as possible, take a knife. And don’t forget to cut corners wherever you can.

    This is where the skill of precise jumping will come in handy. If you decide to quickly fly out of an ambush and change cover to get closer to the enemy, do a crouch jump. This is a mid-flight squat.

    This will make it harder for you to get hit. Another option is to jump with a strafe when you press the right or left button while in flight. This way you can change the direction of the jump and further confuse your opponents.

    Final Thoughts

    These are the simplest tips that will still allow you to improve your communication with your teammates and movement around the map. We recommend training regularly and studying the experience of pro players. You can get valuable information about settings in CS2 on Profilerr. The service is available around the clock wherever you are – in Toronto (Canada) or Chicago (USA).

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