Fashion Trends for Coachella 2017

Coachella is an art and music festival, which varies from Indie to rock. This festival occurs in California every year. Some looks of celebrities even become a trend to the high street fashion, a big example was the floral headband. The two most inspirational celebrities that go to Coachella and start a trend would be Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner. Coachella starts from 14th to 16th and 21st to 23rd of April I wanted to cover what will be the 3 biggest fashion trends that could potentially make a rise to sales and even start a  new trend.

  1. Body JewelleryI think this year there will be more accessorising than ever. It has a very festive look to it and it will just add more details to the look if you were to wear something simple.


  1. Vintage band t-shirts

It is very common to see band t-shirts at music festivals, so no doubt that you would expect to see this look.


  1. Body Suits

Last but not the least, body suits. They have been in trend but I know that sales will definitely boost after pictures of celebrities wearing them which they will then continue to be an on going trend.



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