We have compiled a list of 5 stylish men’s shorts that you can wear for the summer without looking like you got them out of the wardrobe without any consideration.

For many men, shorts are not something they get excited about buying. However, everyone loves to wear them on a hot summers day. This is a list that will help you combine style and fashion with comfortability for that great look you always wanted.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts have become a classic amongst men. They do range in colors and style depending on what look you are going for. Navy and beige chinos are likely your safest option to get, especially if you are looking to wear a light coloured t-shirt.

Denim Shorts

Can’t wait to wear jeans again? Why not wear denim shorts to replace them for the summer. Denim shorts are quite popular and have various styles and shapes they come in. Slim fit denim shorts are probably the best call, however, if you feel your figure might not go with them, try out regular fit jean shorts which are perfectly normal and very popular. You can find them in most men clothing stores online and in person so the variety is there.

Suit Shorts

If you are going to quite a formal event but want to get away from wearing trousers, these might be just the thing for you. Suit shorts are normally popular in schools however they don’t have to look like school uniforms. Many great fashion labels have ventured into creating great suit shorts for those more casual classy looks. shorts

Madras shorts

If you are looking to wear something that stands out from the rest the Madras shorts will be perfect for you. They are not too common amongst men however they are growing in popularity. These are great if you are looking to go for something more original from the rest of solid colours.

Prepster Shorts

Want something shorter? If you are going for a bit of a different look than normal these are great. They are shorter than normal shorts so you might get some weird looks from people that don’t know that they are meant to be this way. However, prepster shorts are becoming more and more popular amongst men, and are very comfortable to wear.  Once again these come in all different colours from white to pink, the range is there for you to choose from.