4 Alluring Prints To Look Out For In S/S18

    It’s interesting to see when print gets incorporated into men’s clothes, simply because we are used to seeing plain, stripes or floral etc. It definitely creates a variety of styles for men who want to go beyond the normal styles. These are my top 4 picks for print in spring/summer 18.

    1. Sliced Pattern

    I think this looks so interesting. You see this in womenswear but not so much in menswear. It’s something different and fresh. If you’re not into wearing full on prints then try out a garment which has sections of prints.

    2. Colour Blocking

    If you’re not into print at all then how about colour blocks on garments. It can be very bold or subtle, which ever you prefer. It’s very different from the normal and it looks great.

    3. Checked

    This print has been around for a long time with different colour combinations. What makes it different is the size of the checks, the incorporation of another pattern and the design on the clothes.

    4. Resort Print

    This is similarly close to the floral print but different. You can wear this print casual or non casual as demonstrated. It’s best to wear this print with similar colours or similar hues.

    Ayana Torio
    Ayana Toriohttps://www.ayanatorio.com
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