Still from 'Jingle Hells'

Sundog Studios have updated and released their new and exciting game Jingle Hells

With Christmas upon us the small gaming company Sundog Studios have treated us with their latest gift of ‘Jingle Hells’, a mobile phone game where you take control of an evil Christmas Elf that is tasked to catch all the kids that made it onto the notorious Santa’s Naughty list. While this all might seem a little dark, you are also then tasked to imprison the naughty kids and make them excavate the glacial prison of Santa Claus’. A fun game sounding indeed!

While Sundog Studios is run by two brothers, ‘Jingle Hells’ is a video game entirely made by Mads Overgaard Christiansen, who animated, programmed and created the art for the game.

The latest version of ‘Jingle Hells’ is available now via Google Play Store.