Photo by LAIS on Unsplash

These aren’t just your normal typical women’s suit, it’s called the ” Languid Trouser Suit”.

The suit would be trending around Autumn Winter 18/19. This type of suit exaggerates the proportions of the body from the length of the suit to the length of the sleeves. The whole look is quite relaxed and looks like it could be for comfort wear too. This is a more fashionable kind of suit to wear rather than for professional wear. The style comes with jackets that are either single breasted or double breasted.

As you can see the trousers are wide-leg which is why they look big and go over the shoes. You can easily play around with the looks, from the images above you can see you’ve got a relaxed look on the left and a semi-casual look in the middle. You can also style it completely formal like the image on the right.

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