Light My Fire by Bobb Barito

Selected for Short of the Week and many other film festivals, Light My Fire tells an interesting tale of a vengeful father who hunts down his daughter’s abusive boyfriend on the Fourth of July.

As the film progress, Light My Fire’s Fourth of July backdrop and Bobb Barito’s intriguing direction allows the audience to dive in and reflect on how toxic masculinity leads to abusive, vicious cycles and broken relationships.

Official Selection:

Austin Film Festival, 2018
Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2019
Garden State Film Festival, 2019
Blue Cat Short Film Festival, 2019
Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, 2018

Writer & Director: Bobb Barito
Producer: Joe Depasquale
Associate Producers: Matt Morgan & Zach Law
Executive Producer: Lizzie Shapiro

Miles: Ed Moran
Roy: Colin Walker
Kendra: Rosie Benton
Clark: Dante Palminteri
Lucy: Lizzy DeClement

Casting: Kate Geller
Director of Photography: Conor Murphy
Production Designer: Violet Overn

Original Score: James Newberry
Edit, Sound Design, and Mix: Bobb Barito