11 Incredible Stills From Moonlight (2016)

    Moonlight, an Oscar-winning film is a coming-of-age story told in three parts, beginning with Chiron’s lonely childhood, transitioning into his teenage years, and concluding with his adulthood. The film is crafted with incredible attention to the characters’ nuances; the story affords a unique opportunity for viewers to get to know its main character intimately across multiple stages of his life and growth.

    Chiron’s arc is defined by the three identities bestowed upon him by his peers and himself: ‘Little’, portrayed by Alex R. Hibbert; ‘Chiron’ played by Ashton Sanders; Trevante Rhodes’ ‘Black’. As a child, he finds guidance in Juan, a drug dealer whose customers include Chiron’s mother. Chiron’s story also centres around his relationship with childhood friend Kevin. As the boys grow older, their friendship evolves into a romantic relationship.

    The use of bold colours and striking contrast makes the story at once personal and epic. Here are eleven incredible stills from Moonlight.

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