Cautious Clay Unveils Video for New Song ‘Strange Love’

    Cautious Clay has shared a video for the new song ‘Stranger Love’. The track, which features Chicago rapper Saba, is the latest offering from his upcoming debut album, Deadpan Love. Check out the Alex Futtersak-animated visual below.

    “This song is about the push and pull of identity in late capitalism,” Clay said of ‘Strange Love’ in a statement. “We’re constantly told we need x, y or z to let the world know who we are, inundated with information about what the latest and greatest and coolest is. I love fashion and clothes and putting them together to telegraph myself to the world, but sometimes it’s hard to separate what I like from what I’m being told to like. I think it’s a struggle lots of people can relate to.”

    Deadpan Love is out June 25 via The Orchard. Cautious Clay previously shared the singles ‘Wildfire’, ‘Karma & Friends’, ‘Roots’, ‘Dying In The Subtlety’, and ‘Agreeable’.

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