5 Reasons Clash of Clans Remains Such a Popular Game

    Clash of Clans made its original debut as a mobile strategy game in 2012 and remains one of the most popular games today. Raiding another player’s base for valuable resources, unlocking new troops, and upgrading the defensive structures on your base are the core gameplay features that keep players coming back for more each day. Clash of Clans also continues to offer new updates on a regular basis and has over half a billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

    Here are five reasons why Clash of Clans remains one of the most successful games in the mobile gaming industry.

    Variety of Different Play Styles

    Clash of Clans gives players the freedom to play the game in non Gamstop casino. A single-player mode allows you to practice your attacking skills against a wide range of bases while multi-player mode lets you attack other player bases to gain resources. You can also reach higher leagues by earning between one to three stars on each attack. Countless troop compositions are also available, whether you prefer air attacks with dragons and balloons or if you enjoy ground attacks that include valkyries and an ice golem.

    Social Aspects of Joining a Clan

    Joining a clan with friends and family is a core feature of the game, as you can donate troops and discuss attack strategies with other members. You can also copy the design of another clan member’s base and use friendly challenges to practice your attacking skills. Clan Wars is another popular feature, as it allows you to battle against other clans for supremacy. The clan with the highest number of stars wins the war and gains valuable loot to upgrade troops and their base.

    Freemium Model of Business

    Clash of Clans reaches millions of players around the world because it is free to download. Of course, in-app purchases are available to allow players to complete upgrades quicker. A monthly subscription is also possible to unlock unique hero skins and additional rewards. However, you can still enjoy all of the core gameplay features of Clash of Clans without making any purchases.

    Worldwide Appeal

    Clash of Clans has a worldwide fan base due to the simple, yet highly entertaining gameplay features. Millions of players log-in each day to chat with other clan members, upgrade their base, practice new attack strategies, and participate in Clan Wars. The Clash of Clans community is highly active at all times due to the diverse range of fan bases in China, Japan, India, Iran, and the United States.

    Continual Stream of New Content

    One of the main ways that Clash of Clans remains popular is due to the numerous content updates throughout the years. Clash of Clans initially began with eight town hall levels but has since expanded to twelve town halls that offer unique troops and defensive structures. New gameplay modes have also been added, such as Clan War Leagues, Builder Base, and Clan Games.

    Clash of Clans is one of the most lucrative mobile games of all time and continues to has millions of players around the world. A variety of different play styles and a continual stream of new content allows Clash of Clans to remain near the top of mobile games since making its debut in 2012. Only time will tell if Clash of Clans can continue its run of success against the ever-increasing amount of competition in the mobile gaming industry.

    Abbie Wilson
    Abbie Wilson
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