How to dress for a night at the casino

    A night out may be a distant memory. With Covid sweeping the globe, nations the world over have been subjected to lockdowns of varying degrees. One of the consequences of these was the closure of land-based casinos. While online casinos were already growing in popularity, the pandemic sped this up as they became the only option. Many discovering online casinos have no desire to go back, but there may still be some who are looking for a return to the familiar.

    Whether you are looking at attending a land-based casino for the first time or returning after a Covid enforced break, it is worth taking a look at what you should be wearing. The last thing anyone wants is to be standing out like a sore thumb or, worse, to be refused entry. Let’s take a look and make your casino experience one to treasure.

    Dressing for an online casino

    Yes, you’ve read that right. While we all think about what we should be wearing at land-based casinos, are there any rules or etiquette that should be followed when playing at an online casino? Although many will be joining the rush to get out to a brick and mortar site, others may not be so keen just yet. Those staying at home during the pandemic, but still looking for instant access to winning funds like at a land-based location could find alternative fast withdrawal casinos. You could have your winnings in your account in an instant.

    It may seem ludicrous to think about dressing for an online casino, but for some, it is about feeling the part. Now, we’re not suggesting that you strut around home in your tux and bow tie, but is there anything wrong with a suit to give you a boost and get you in the right frame of mind? We’d certainly say not. 

    The casual approach at land-based casinos

    It was once the case that, regardless of the land-based casino that you visited, these were all rather formal affairs. There would be some that would expect businesswear as a minimum whereas others would be expecting the black-tie look, think James Bond and you’ll be doing well. While this was great for some players, for others it was off-putting and it saw land-based casinos losing even more ground to those online.

    Due to this, you will now find that the casual look is no longer frowned upon at land-based casinos. Now, you shouldn’t be turning up in sports kits or your dirty overalls, but generally speaking, casual dress is universally accepted. Casinos have realised that overly strict dress codes don’t keep people coming back. 

    Does your country make a difference?

    As you travel around the world (now that we’re allowed to again!) visiting land-based casinos, you’ll see that the country that you’re in will have an impact on the dress code. Possibly the biggest differences come when comparing the UK with the US:

    UK expectations

    It is often the case that casinos in the UK set the bar fairly high. If you want to visit some of the finest casinos, such as the Hippodrome or the Grosvenor Casino, you’re going to need to make sure that you fit in. A big no no would be walking in dressed in workwear or sportswear. Where you may be fortunate and just be frowned upon, there is a real chance that you would be asked to leave. 

    It is not unheard of for people to attend land-based casinos in the UK while wearing suits or tuxedos. This is certainly not a must, but you will find that a smartly dressed appearance will bring you a degree of respect from those around you. It would be highly recommended to avoid any outfits that have logos that have any offensive logos.

    The home of land-based casinos

    If you’re fortunate to be visiting Las Vegas then you’ll find that the dress code at land-based casinos here is a little different to what is expected in the UK. As amazing as this place is, you’ll find that come the summertime it is uncomfortably hot. Can you imagine dealing with the intense heat while swanning around in a tux? This would hardly lead to the most comfortable, or enjoyable, playing experience. Fortunately, no one expects this! Daytime sees the need to wear light clothing that allows you to feel on the cooler side.

    The evening still sees dress codes being relaxed. You’re going to need to look presentable, but a casual shirt and some trousers will do the trick. For the women out there, they will find that they have an array of options and no one is excepting sleek dresses and expensive jewellery.

    Why formal still has its perks

    Just because land-based casinos have relaxed their rules, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go ahead and dress to impress. Let’s be honest, dressing up for a night out is all part of the experience and it is something that has long been associated with casinos and gambling.

    Opting for the formal look may also bring other benefits. No one is suggested that you’re going to receive beneficial treatment, but it is reasonable to expect the house to view you in a different light when compared to those who have gone casual.

    The biggest takeaway 

    The most important point when you are looking at what you are going to wear to a land-based casino is comfort. You’re going to be sat at tables for quite a while and you want clothing that isn’t too tight and isn’t going to make you feel restricted. Yes, aim to look good but comfort is key.

    Before you set off to your chosen casino, it is always worth making a basic check. If the casino has a website you will be able to take a look and see if there is a dress code in place. This simple check can save you from any potential embarrassment and only takes a matter of moments.

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