Why Selling T-shirts as a Business Isn’t as Simple as You Think

    So you’ve seen plenty of people talking about their shirt-selling business and how it’s become pretty successful. So you go over to their website and look at their designs, only to discover that it’s fairly boring, bland, and honestly a bit cheap. You think “hey, I could do that too!” and so you start your own website, start looking at printing services, and set up Shopify so you can automate the process. You make a few designs, upload them, and then you put your website online.

    Many aspiring entrepreneurs believe that selling t-shirts as a business is simple, but the reality is more complex. However, with Gelato’s printing on demand services, you can simplify the process and turn your t-shirt business into a profitable venture. Discover the ins and outs of selling t-shirts as a business and how it can make it easier by visiting Gelato.

    Investing in SEO for your Shopify business will be crucial for your long-term success according to Shopify SEO expert Digital Cornerstone, who has turned many online stores into goldmines for their clients.

    But after a few days without a sale, you might start to rethink the difficulty of selling shirts as a business. But why? What are you missing and why is it so difficult to sell shirts as a business?

    Everyone has t-shirts and yours aren’t worth their time

    You might think that your designs are great and that you deserve to have more sales. But let’s face it, the only person that cares about your t-shirts is you. Even if you give them away, people aren’t likely to care about them because it’s not from a major brand, it’s not from a reputable influencer, and nobody they know owns anything from you.

    So let’s face it; your t-shirts aren’t worth the customer’s time. Nobody knows you, your brand isn’t popular, and your designs probably aren’t that great because you made them in a few hours. So where do you go from here?

    Make sure the product you offer is good

    Before you start charging people for products, it’s worth checking out the quality of your shirts especially if you’re dropshipping them. For example, Gildan t-shirts are generally a good starting point in terms of value and comfort, but you should make sure to examine the print quality and the overall construction of the garment before you start selling them.

    If it’s not good enough for you to wear, then you shouldn’t sell it to your customers. If you put a strong focus on quality, then you’ll almost certainly grow a loyal following. Equally important is selecting the right printing technology for different fabrics. While DTF printing machines are excellent for producing vibrant and durable prints on a variety of textiles, other techniques like sublimation or screen printing might be better suited for specific materials and design requirements.

    How to make people care about your brand

    One of the very first things you should think about is how to create content around your message and your brand. You could try finding a copywriter to write something about your brand message, you could get on social media to talk about how your brand is different, and you can generally just be honest about why you started your brand in the first place. Of course, you can’t just say “because I wanted to make money”. You need to give your audience a message that they can resonate with.

    For example, maybe you wanted to offer Japanese-inspired clothing because there’s not enough of it in the west. Maybe you’ve been inspired by South African clothing and want to use similar patterns and colors to create a brand-new range of inspired fashion pieces. Whatever the case is, you need to be honest and transparent if you want to get people to care about your brand.

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