How to choose the best TV shows on streaming services

    Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, NOWTV, BritBox. The list of streaming services available in the UK keeps growing and the astonishing range of programmes available on demand can be daunting. So, what is the best way to find the TV equivalent of a needle in a haystack? Let’s take a look at the best options.

    Netflix roulette

    Netflix roulette via the website Reelgood is a very simple but ingenious way to choose a film or TV show. All you have to do is enter the genre you want to watch, be it action & adventure, horror or science fiction, and decide whether you want to watch movies or TV shows. Then choose whether you want the programme to have achieved a certain score on IMDB or Reelgood and press spin to be given a random selection. You can also cast your net wider by adding additional subscription services to the search, such as Prime Video, Dish TV, and Apple TV+, which would include TV shows like Ted Lasso, a popular Apple TV+ offering.

    Review sites

    Review sites are an excellent way to find out which films or TV shows are worth watching. Rotten Tomatoes gives each movie and TV show a percentage rating and provides lists of popular streaming movies and the best series on Netflix, with season 4 of Ozark proving popular. Visitors to the website also have the chance to watch the latest film and TV trailers in order to get a feel for the show.

    Another area of the entertainment industry provides potential customers with useful information in a competitive market. The iGaming industry benefits from review sites such as Bonusfinder Canada, which provides players with a thorough review of betMGM with information about the games available on the site, the Loyalty Program: M Life Rewards and the various payment methods. These review sites allow players to gain an impression of the products and services on offer before they commit.

    Streaming service algorithms

    Of course, you could always leave it up to the streaming service to choose your next show. Streaming services like Netflix know what you have watched and liked in the past, so the algorithm will suggest various possibilities based on your previous preferences. If you enjoyed watching The Staircase documentary on Netflix, which has also been developed into a drama by HBO Max, the streaming service would perhaps recommend watching Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. The recommendations will not always suit your tastes, but you will receive suggestions that generally reflect your preferences.

    Streaming services also allow you to search for films and TV shows based on genre, which will narrow down the extensive selection to a more manageable number of options.

    There are various ways to choose your next film or TV show on the wide range of streaming services on offer. Reviews are an excellent way to separate the wheat from the chaff and your next port of call could be websites such as Reelgood, which will do the hard work for you by selecting a random film or TV show based on your personal preferences. If this all sounds a bit too much like hard work, there is also the option of letting the streaming service algorithms select your next film or TV show for you!

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