Online gambling terms you need to be aware of

    If you’re wanting to enter the world of gaming, but are not too sure what some of the more uncommon terms mean, or what they represent – this is the article for you. 

    It’s vital to research the games you are playing, so you know exactly what is going on and how the game is played, as you don’t want to be at a disadvantage. For example, if you are wanting to play fun online slots, you should be aware of most, if not all, of the terms used in a slot game and what they mean. 

    Keep reading to find out the meaning of some vital gambling terms and which games they relate to. Then, you can play all the games you want – with the essential background knowledge!

    Bankroll: A bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside for betting. This is important to take into consideration when gambling, as you should only bet what you can afford to lose. The purpose of a bankroll, is so that you can keep track on your spendings and cap your amount. 

    Bonus: Slot bonus is a type of bonus that is offered to players of online slot machines. The bonus is usually in the form of free spins, which allow players to spin the reels for free, and potentially still win real money.

    Payline: A payline is a line-up of specific symbols on which a payout will be awarded. Modern slots feature a range of symbols and paylines. They generally can line up in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even zigzag patterns for a win. Plus, you can bet on as many paylines as you want!

    Hit and Run: A slang term, meaning a player who plays one payline in a slot with the max bet for a few spins, then runs off to another slot machine.

    Progressive Jackpot: A type of jackpot that keeps increasing every time it isn’t won.

    Random Number Generator (RNG): Inside a slot machine is a microprocessor similar to the one in your home computer, which generates numbers to correspond to the symbols on the reel of the slot machine. The software outputs numbers as randomly as possible.

    Volatility: Means how risky a game is, or how easy or difficult it is to win a jackpot on a machine. The more volatile a machine is, the less often you win, however when you do win, you’ll win big!

    Double Down: In the game of Blackjack, the opportunity to double down is the chance to increase the value of your initial bet by up to 100%. In return, the player must ‘stand’ after taking one more card.

    Five-liner: A five-liner is a slot machine featuring 3 reels that allow players to win on up to five payout lines.

    Virtual Reel: Technology allowing the RNG function to be more random in a slot machine.

    Hopefully you are now up to speed on gambling terms and what each of them mean. Now you should be ready to go to a casino, or play some online Slots – with all the knowledge you need!

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