Old School RuneScape: Overview of Poll 78 Changes

    Each poll question needs a majority of 70 percent “yes” to pass. Thankfully, most of the questions in Poll 78 did pass.

    Jagex opened Poll 78 on January 23rd and invited the members to vote on a range of topics concerning quality-of-life upgrades and changes that could influence your OSRS GP income or slightly modify the XP per hour for specific activities. The Poll was open until January 30th, and with it, Jagex also asked the community about introducing a new skill, which could represent a whole new way to earn or sink OSRS gold.

    Changes to the Ardougne Diary

    While the first five questions of the poll were in regards only to the new skill, the rest 24 referred to a variety of game aspects, from cosmetic upgrades to different tiers of the Ardougne diary that will allow you to carry more coin pouches in your OSRS accounts for sale. Even though this change is related to OSRS gold, it is a quality-of-life upgrade because it will let you focus more on thieving before opening the coin pouches to get the OSRS GP from them. This will slightly increase your XP per hour. Over 94 percent of the players who voted answered “yes” to both questions.


    Regarding the Farming skill, Jagex proposed that the Magic secateurs worked from the inventory without needing to equip it. This great change aimed at newer and older players will ensure you remember to equip the item. It will also allow you to wield a weapon of choice while on your farm run. This could come in handy if you plan, for example, on a quick Hespori boss kill or doing a quick herb run between your Slayer tasks or other activities. Almost 90 percent of the player base agreed with this change.

    Rune Pouch

    Another quality of life change from Poll 78 is related to one of the most popular items in Old School RuneScape, the Rune Pouch. This item will save you 2 (or three if upgraded) inventory slots. This is because it will allow you to store up to 16k of up to 3 or 4 rune types, and it only occupies one inventory slot.

    There’s a toggle for if you want the runes you pick from the ground to be added or not directly in your Rune Pouch instead of your inventory, provided that you already have that type of rune in the Rune Pouch. However, this toggle did not extend to the runes you get while Runecrafting. With poll 78, Jagex asked just that; it passed with a majority of over 96 percent. You can see this change starting on February 15th, when you can enjoy another quality-of-life improvement that will help you train and earn easier with the Runecraft skill.

    Motherload Mine

    The Motherload Mine’s lower level has also seen some love with Poll 78, with three questions dedicated to it. In short, there will be more ore veins at the lower level, including veins closer to the bank and hopper, and they will respawn faster. This makes one of the most loved mining activities even better, especially for lower-level players.

    Smaller Changes

    Some more minor changes also passed. These include re-selling the Giants’ Foundry uniques back to Kovac for 80 percent of the paid value, adding the Ring of recoil to the Magpie implings drop table, enabling the special attack orb in the Wilderness and other PvP-enabled environments, a Prayer filter, spell icons size increase when using a filter, decreasing the special attack cost of the Abyssal dagger to 25 percent, and creating a stackable but untradable version of the cave nightshade. Another change that has a negligible impact is that the treasure chest in your player-owned house can hold more OSRS gold.

    More Profit

    When thinking about profitability, there are also a few changes that come with Poll 78. First, over 94 percent of the respondents agreed that Jagex should add another recipe for the Extended Super Antifire Potion. Therefore, you can now obtain this handy potion by adding Lava scale shards to Super Antifire Potions or Crushed Superior Dragon Bones to the Extended Antifire Potion. This latter recipe will bring you significant profits of above 3k OSRS GP per potion, but you’ll need a Herblore level of 98 for either recipe. You will also be able to use a greater variety of seeds in the birdhouse traps and profit slightly more by paying a bit less for each seed. This will result in less bad wine and more OSRS gold for your bank.

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